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Carl Anton Jacob
Carl Anton Jacob was born on 11.06.1795 in Halle/Saale as the son of a shoemaker. His father died before he was born. Jacob attended school in Halle and was admitted to the Latin secondary school of the Francke Foundations in 1808 at the age of 14. In 1809 his mother died, so that his further education took place in the orphanage of the foundation. Jacob began an apprenticeship as a gardener at the Halle Botanical Garden around 1810.
In 1817 Jacob traveled to Sicily where he was commissioned to design the garden of Villa Wilding-Butera in Olivuzza near Palermo. 
In 1820 he witnessed the riots in Palermo, during which a number of villas were looted and destroyed by rioters. Soon after, Jacob left Sicily. The return journey to Göttingen, which took several months, was probably via Gibraltar and London.
Jacob was hired on September 1, 1821, with the title of senior gardener's assistant at the Göttingen Botanical Garden.
At the end of January 1823 Carl Anton Jacob and his wife were expecting their first child. On January 31, 1823, the couple's son was stillborn. Two days later Catarine Regine Jacob died in childbed.  For Jacob, the death of his wife and son were a personal catastrophe that permanently changed the rest of his life. 
In early April 1824, the director of the bot. Garden Göttingen, Prof. Schrader, informed the university authorities that the gardener Jacob, who was employed as a senior assistant, had asked for his resignation "due to illness".
The further course of Carl Anton Jacob's life took him to Berlin, where he studies  natural sciences from October 1824 to August 1825. He then returned to Halle and in April 1826 began to study theology at the University of Halle, from which he graduated in 1830. Thereafter, he served as pastor, senior pastor, and superintendent in various congregations in central Germany until the end of his life in 1855.